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Small cold box (Short Range)-ACB-246LS(Gross Storage capacity 29.91 liters)
Small cold box (Short Range)-ACB-324SS(Gross Storage capacity 20.80 liters)
Large cold box(long range) ACB-264SL(Gross Storage capacity 11.61 Liters)
Large cold box(long range) ACB-444L(Gross Storage capacity 21.70 Liters)
Large cold box(long range) ACB-316L(Gross Storage capacity 23.70 Liters)
Large cold box(long range) ACB-503L(Gross Storage capacity 22.21 Liters)
Vaccine Carrier AOV(AVC-46)-2.50Ltr
Vaccine Carrier AOV(AVC-44)-1.35Ltr
Vaccine Carrier AOV (ADVC-24)-0.8Ltr
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